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Ultimate Protection Mode


In order to do what we do as modern Shamans it is necessary to keep our local environment’s energies pure and positive. The Ultimate Protection Mode (UPM) fulfills this need perfectly. Everyone can benefit from this mental exercise whether you are meditating, practicing Yoga, Chi Gung, working with crystals and orgone energy devices or you just want to keep your locality positive for your own personal reasons. The UPM can be erected on the spot wherever you find yourself and it only takes a few minutes. Once the UPM is in place it will remain active for at least 24 hours, and then you have the option of refreshing it or just letting it fade naturally if you are done with the specific activities which required the UPM. (See the end of this article for the refreshing technique.)

For example every morning after awakening I refresh the UPM which I had erected the morning before (although any time of the day for erecting the UPM is fine). Sometimes it just slips my mind and it has been up to 48 hours since I had erected the UPM. Or I had felt that the energies were still positive and light even after many days after the UPM had faded as we have so many crystals in our home. But as a default procedure, when it has been more than 48 hours without refreshing the UPM, or we require it again, I set up the UPM from the beginning. This is how it is doneā€¦


Stand up and mentally draw (imagine) an equilateral triangle on the floor which is more than wide enough for you to be standing inside of the triangle. This is if your UPM is for you only. Expand the triangle according to the area of coverage needed. For an entire structure, stand within the structure and mentally draw the triangle to encompass the entire property on which the structure stands.

Then for each side of the triangle, mentally draw another triangle out from each side and then fold all three of them upwards and over your head so that you have created a tetrahedron around you, with your feet in the base and the apex over your head.

Now visualize your tetrahedron as being the color “violet” (not purple). The tetrahedron is SOLID violet, not just the edges or faces. You are encased in a solid violet tetrahedron.

Now, look down at your feet again and with your mind draw a square that surrounds the base of the tetrahedron. Then draw triangles out from each side of the square and fold them up above the peak of the tetrahedron, making a four sided pyramid which is bigger than the tetrahedron. Also color the pyramid solid violet.

Then look down at the base of your four sided pyramid and draw four more triangles, but this time fold them down below your feet, forming a four sided pyramid underneath you. Both pyramids are connected at their bases, which is where you are standing, forming an octahedron, again solid violet.

Now imagine the outer surfaces of both the tetrahedron and octahedron as being coated in a thick silver mirrored surface.

Next surround the entire structure with a band expressing the bright golden color of our Sun. Allow the band to be narrow or thick, whichever feels most protective.

The frequencies of these colors; violet, silver and ‘Sun’ gold are very protective. Not the colors themselves, but the frequencies which are represented by these colors. Just imagine the color and the frequency will respond.

Refreshing The UPM

All you have to do the next day to refresh your UPM is to close your eyes (if that helps you visualize better) and just “see” the tetrahedron and octahedron in place where you put them. They will probably be a little dimmer now but just intend to refresh the whole structure around you back to its original power when you first created it. You don’t have to remake the UPM unless you have not refreshed for many days, then you would need to start from scratch again. But I have gone as long as 48 hours without refreshing and the colors were still vibrant. It depends upon how much negative frequencies are being sent your way as to how bright or dim the colors will be after a period of time. You could also construct a UPM around your house and vehicle and refresh those every day as I do. If you are away from home, visualize your house in your mind and “refresh” the structure and it will refresh, no matter where you are.


Now, overstand that if someone is to psychically attack you after you have successfully constructed your UPM, your first line of defense is the Sun gold band. If any negative energies get through the Sun gold band, they will be reflected back to the source of the attack by the silver mirrored surface. And by any chance, if any remaining negative energies make it past the Sun gold band and the silver mirrored surface, then the violet energy will completely remove them.

Programming the UPM

Intentions are everything in Shamanistic exercises. Before you begin the process of erecting a UPM, set your intentions, i.e. “remove negative energies“, “provide protection from physical harm“, “deny psychic attacks“, “create a healing environment” and so on. This is called “programming” the UPM. While you are erecting a UPM around a person, place or thing constantly remember your intentions so that they are impressed upon the frequencies of the colors violet, silver and Sun gold.

Linking UPMs

When my wife and son are traveling together to another town or city, I erect a UPM around them and then “link” their UPM to my own UPM. To do this simply intend “Link my UPM with _____’s UPM now”. It is helpful to imagine a pure silver cord extending from your personal UPM to the distant UPM.

The advantages to setting up a link allows you to monitor another UPM, or allow another person within a distant-linked UPM to access healing energies from your UPM. You can send a boost of healing, or enhance the strength of protection of the distant UPM, etc. Likewise, those within the distant UPM can draw upon your personal UPM if they feel they need a boost.


The more you practice using the UPM technique the more options you will have for erecting and refreshing. You will be able to erect a UPM at a distance without physically being present.

You will need permission before erecting a UPM around a person, group or place and if you are unable to communicate with them, simply send the intention “you have the option to accept or reject the UPM“. Thus, as you are erecting the UPM you will either find it very easy to do or you will experience hesitation or interference of some kind. In case of the latter, simply end the mental exercise. In case of the former, continue on, because this means you have been given permission.

And as always, should you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us at this link:

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Peace & Love, Fred L. Gunn

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