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Transmute Chemtrails With Your Intentions

Although there are scalar/orgone energy devices which help to transmute chemtrails, I have discovered that there is nothing more powerful than our own beautiful minds.

Transmute Chemtrails With Mind

When my family and I moved from Honolulu to San Diego in 2004 we were shocked at the situation in the skies! We had first heard of chemtrails in Hawaii and actually saw one over Honolulu. But the activity above our heads in California was unbelievable! The activist in me wanted to do something about it so I joined several groups who were alerting the public to this illegal war on humanity and presented information during lectures in San Diego, other cities in California and Arizona in those days.

That same year one of my Remote Viewing students, Robert introduced me to transmuting chemtrails. We had just excited Radio Shack and on our way to the car we noticed the “usual chemspew” in the sky. It was morning and “they” were just getting started so Robert asked me if I wanted to learn a new mental skill. He always had cool stuff to share so I was eager to learn, and he told me that I was going to just stare at the back of the ‘aircraft’ which was coming over the distant horizon with a chemtrail behind it and intend (intentions are everything!) that the chemtrail would be transmuted into harmless substances.

Coming Over Horizon

He suggested that during this process I could think or say out loud such phrases as “transmute”, “blue skies”, “don’t stick”, or other intentions to that effect. The most important part of the process is to stare ONLY at the back of the aircraft and follow it with your eyes as it crosses the sky. One should not look back at the trail to see if you have been successful (that’s the ego) or you have broken the etheric link (more on etheric blueprints below). He told me to just focus my eyes on the back of the aircraft and follow it all the way to the opposite horizon, or until it has gone out of sight…only THEN it is OK to look back.

This was my first experience with this technique and I obviously did it correctly, because I followed his instructions exactly and when the aircraft had passed over the horizon, I then looked back and the trail was gone! However, the part that was gone started at the point in the sky where I had begun this mental exercise. There was the initial part of the chemtrail that had already materialized into the physical world from the etheric template laid ahead of time up until I had started focusing my intentions on the back of the aircraft, and the rest of the chemtrail had just vanished from that point forward in time. I had totally disconnected the trail beginning at my point of focus. I needed no further convincing.

Chemtrail Transmuted

Robert then told me that the remaining trail which was still there before I had started my concentration exercise could then be dealt with by intentions but it is not as easy since the etheric blueprint had already manifested into our 3D physical reality. However, by calling in the Sylphs (Air Elementals) they are always happy to help. When they appear and start gobbling up the chemspew, send them unconditional love and thanks for joining in the battle. I witnessed this many, many times.

Sylph Eating Chemtrail

You may have seen chemtrails which are broken, or suddenly stop and there could be several reasons for that; the sprayers temporarily malfunctioned, the sprayers were turned off for adjustment and then on again, or someone on the ground (like you and me) is transmuting them with their temporal interferometers.

Sprayer Adjustment

Imagine what other events, activities and illusions are happening all around us…coming into 3D physical reality from an etheric blueprint and we are allowing to manifest when we could simply be transmuting them into harmless events, not accepting them into 3D reality.

More On Etheric Blueprints

Robert’s explanation as to why this technique works is due to the fact that the frontal lobes of our human brain, located at the front of each hemisphere, acts as a temporal interferometer in that the twin electrical pulses emitted by the frontal lobes and focused by our intentions at the back of the airplane cause the phenomenon of interference within the etheric realm.

The etheric realm impresses upon the physical realm, i.e. in order for a leaf to grow there first has to be an etheric signature and then the physical realm fills it in (from an etheric blueprint) and that may be what is going on with chemtrail activity. There is some kind of a consciousness going on that is trying to manifest in the trail itself. It is coming from the etheric realm trying to tap into the physical realm, and by YOU focusing your intentions on chemtrails YOU disrupt or prevent that etheric activity from physically manifesting. Since this is demonstrable and repeatable by anyone with the same results then most, if not all chemtrailing activities are manifesting from an etheric template. An example is the black beam phenomenon of which many have photographed and filmed in conjunction with chemtrail activity. The black beam is noticed first and then the chemtrail fills it in.

Chemtrail Filling In Etheric Black Beam

Not to be confused with shadows of chemtrails on clouds.

Chemtrail Shadow

Something that you will experience when you start using this transmuting method is that the perpetrators of this crime against humanity will figure out what’s going on and start sending more sprayers to attempt to overwhelm your efforts. This is why it is best to not only ask for the Sylphs’ assistance but also teach some friends and/or family members this technique and assign each person a different part of the sky. In the Philippines there is not a lot of chemtrail activity, but when the sprayers do come sometimes I am able to handle them myself but sometimes get the family or friends to help out. Eventually the sprayers just stopped coming to our area, so either they gave up or their agenda changed. We are just happy to live in an area of the world where there are so few chemtrails and the clouds are always natural, fluffy and white.

Get out of your own way!

From my experience in teaching this technique to a variety of people, there were a few that just could not at first perform this technique. This demonstrates what I am saying, that our minds are very powerful. Those few who could not transmute a chemtrail in the sky were of the mind that it was just not possible before they actually applied the technique. They set themselves up for failure. But most everyone I have taught this technique has successfully transmuted the chemtrail, and were overjoyed at their results!

Don’t just take my word for it, go out and practice today! Then teach someone else this marvelous human talent.

Love and life,

Fred Lawson Gunn

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