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Creating An Etheric Volume

Modern Shamanism: Lesson 1

Creating An Etheric Volume (EV)

by Fred Gunn

This article is the first in a series which will be published concerning lessons in Modern Shamanism. Keep checking back weekly for the latest lesson in the series. When I was first taught this technique by our good friend Robert Platteter I thought it would be hard and take a long time to master, but once I just dug in and followed the detailed instructions, I found that I had created my first Etheric Volume within a short period of time. I was amazed at what our human minds can accomplish and I now visit my personal Etheric Volume in Sedona, Arizona anytime I want. LOVE those Red Rocks!


Within this lesson you will learn how to interact with the etheric realms by creating and interacting with an etheric volume of spherical geometry. On the average it should only take about an hour or so from start to finish to establish and program an etheric volume to include a few thousand energy balls.

These are just a few reasons for learning and using this process;

  • Once you have established an etheric volume in one location, when you leave the area you can always visit your EV from anywhere else with your intentions
  • For healing a specific area
  • To protect a certain area from harmful manmade frequencies
  • Transmute harmful substances in the skies 24/7

There are four phases involved in Creating An Etheric Volume.

Phase 1: Declaration (Setting Intentions)You can choose any geometrical shape you like, but we will use a sphere in this lesson because it is a very simple way of describing or imagining the volume. There are only two parameters for a sphere; a radius and a point of origin. The point of origin is the center of the sphere and this is the location of the anchor. The upper hemisphere is above the ground on which you stand and the lower hemisphere is below ground. (see illustration below). You have to be able to describe your geometrical volume so that it is understood in the etheric realm, so the less complicated your volume is the better.

Phase 1a: The Anchor (Point of Origin)

This is always some prominent feature such as a large boulder, a tree which is special to you, a water fountain, anything really as long as it is easy to recall and visualize in your mind. If the anchor you choose has a fairly good consciousness associated with it then this is a plus. What this means is that the object you choose as your point of origin could be something which is also admired by others. It is a way to anchor the etheric volume to a physical location using your intentions. Only in this way can you interact with your volume.

Phase 1b: Choosing Size/Radius

Using the geometry of a seven mile radius sphere will encompass all commercial and most military aircraft in the sky above for the specific purpose of reaching chemtrail activity. This is a lot of volume to control for your first experience so start with a one mile radius which is both easier to manage and envision as a novice. Then once you have finished its Construction, Scanning and Programming (see below) you can expand it after a few days to a three mile radius. Wait a few more days then expand it to five miles, continuing in this fashion until you have reached a full seven mile radius spherical volume.

Phase 1c: Setting Intentions

(Suggested script) “It is my intention to create a geometric etheric volume in the shape of a sphere. The anchor/point of origin is ___________, the radius of this sphere is _______ miles.”

Give your volume a name, anything you like but it is suggested to use the physical location where you create the sphere such as The Sedona Cathedral Rock Volume, which is an etheric volume I personally created in 2006 so that I can go back and revisit the place anytime I want, sit on the precipice of my anchor and meditate or just chill.

Asking Permission should be implied in your intentions, consciously know that you are addressing the etheric realms and that your intentions are for loving, healing purposes. Ask for permission to join in with any and all of the existing elementals and Earth energies which are inside and around your spherical etheric volume.

Say these things in your mind in words, and visualize what you are saying to the best of your ability. It is the pictures and symbols in your mind which prompts the elementals to become aware of you and your intentions, and once they pick up on you the words begin to make more sense in their world so that they know more precisely what your intentions are with the etheric volume.

Phase 2: Construction

If your radius is one mile for example, begin by standing on or right next to your anchor/point of origin and imagine how far away one mile is from you. Then stretch either arm out in front of you parallel with the ground and describe the radius with your hand like a “paintbrush” by panning and turning your whole body slowly all around you 360 degrees to set that parameter. Next continue “painting” by stretching both arms directly above you and with your hands describe the upper hemisphere down to the ground level. Lastly point your arms/hands down towards your feet and describe the lower hemisphere back up to the ground level to complete your full spherical volume in the etheric realms.

You may come upon malevolent energies while creating your etheric volume. However, it is one thing if “they” are just there and another thing if “they” are doing something evil like creating some kind of DOR. Don’t worry because it is going to be transmuted anyway. And if “they” are already doing something malevolent then “they” will either have to transform (their energies raising up to the heart center) or move out of the area. You are establishing a symbiotic relationship with the volume along with all helpful energies in the etheric realm within the volume so you can come to no harm.

Your mind and intentions are actually creating a consciousness. And you can interact with that consciousness. The new consciousness is a combination of yours and all conscious energies within the spherical volume which are participating.

Creating this etheric volume alone will show amazing results in helping the area and nearby surrounding areas to always transmute chemtrails, as just one example. There are many other healing intentions which can be communicated into use by this consciousness. However, with more people involved in the creation and utilization process, the more powerful your volume! Get others involved if possible, but going it alone is also very beneficial for the Planet and all other beings, physical and non-physical (ethereal).

Phase 2a: Primaries & Secondaries

In the case of multiple persons in the creation process, one person should be Primary and everyone else are Secondaries. The Primary is the person who is creating and programming the etheric volume. This establishes a safeguard so that no one else can override your program. The Secondaries are support people who actually visualize along with you as you are describing the volume verbally which allows them to become part of the synergy of the volume. The Secondaries provide compounded power and strength for the volume itself. People who are participating as Secondaries can of course be Primaries by creating their own etheric volume in a location of their choosing, with or without Secondaries. I have my own “solo” etheric volumes in various places in the world which I have created during my travels and I remain in contact with them.

Phase 3: Scanning

Now that you have visualized the perimeter, size and shape of the particular geometry which you have selected, (a sphere in our example) it is time to discover and meet the terrain, elementals, energies and such within your volume. You will scan three areas: Terrain, Sky & Underground

What you will do is to “fill in” the volume with personal knowledge of the contents which in turn builds more synergy between you and your volume.

Phase 3a: Scanning The Terrain

Still standing at or near your anchor, determine north (as a reference) and with either hand/arm point in that direction. Close your eyes and “scan”. What this means is you will think/intend “What is between me at the point of origin and the outer perimeter?” While holding your arm straight out in front of you pointing north, start to turn your body and arm in a clockwise direction in a slow deliberate scanning motion. Even though you may not have physically explored the terrain, you will actually get an idea of what the terrain looks like, even miles away.

There have been times when I was doing the initial scan of the terrain and I could not move my arm/body past a certain point. I was stuck because there was something there that wanted my attention. So after acknowledging this and declaring “OK, I hear you and I will get back to you later…,” suddenly I was unstuck and could continue the scanning procedure.

Phase 3b: Scanning The Sky

This can be accomplished in several ways, in sections, layers or whatever you find works best for you. Using both arms works best to indicate the thickness of each section or layer. Even though your eyes are closed you may see the various weather conditions; haze, clouds, fog, etc. even chemtrails because you are becoming more and more tuned-in to your volume, becoming more synergistically connected. Each scan begins with a reference point (i.e. north) and ends at the same point, then continue with the next section using the same method described above until the entire upper hemisphere has been scanned.

Phase 3c: Scanning Underground

Using the same procedures as you did for the Sky, get more familiar with the underground portion of your etheric volume.

If you like you can perform the scanning procedure just once or several times until you feel you have established a very strong synergistic connection with your volume.

Phase 4: Programming

In order to program your etheric volume you will need an Intention Statement. Here is a suggestion for you in three parts;

Part 1: Safeguard

I (state your full name) am now the Primary steward of this volume, I am the only one who can ever program this volume.”

This is your safeguard so that your programming can not be overridden. If you have Secondaries involved then state their names as well as an introduction so that the volume energies and inhabitants are comfortable with the Secondary interactions. If the Secondaries are not physically with you during the programming phase, be sure to picture each Secondary person in your mind when stating their name. The volume operates on pictures and symbols mostly.

Part 2: Harmful Energies

The first program is that all unbalanced energies (i.e. DOR, scalar, EMF, etc.) within this volume are now transmuted into balanced, positive or neutral energies.”

Be sure to state clearly what the energies which you are addressing are, such as..“DOR means: deadly orgone or negative harmful energy.” Even explain the various sources of DOR, for weapons, chemtrails, microwaves and other manmade radiation sources such as power generating stations, including nuclear power plants, even people within the volume who create a huge amount of DOR. Just describe to the volume in simple terms what you mean.

Then make a statement such as..“Use whatever resources that are within this volume to carry out the transmutation.” (i.e. water, clouds, elementals, crystals, etc.)

Part 3: Harmful Substances

The second program is that all harmful substances which are within this volume are to transmute now into beneficial or neutral substances for the environment and its inhabitants.”

You want the program to be an ongoing thing, 24/7. Be specific with the consciousness of the volume so that it does not misconstrue your intentions and only carry out the program once. Be sure to make a statement such as..

This is to be an instantaneous and continuous operation, non-stop.”

Phase 4a: Subsequent Scans

After the initial Scan and Programming, you should repeat the scanning procedure as much as possible, daily if you are able, so as to reinforce the connection. You are in effect nurturing the environment within your volume. Each time you perform a Scan, the procedure gets faster. You will notice more things within the volume, more rich details each time. You will also find trouble spots in the volume occasionally which you can help to heal (more on this below).

You do not need to be physically located at the anchor point to do subsequent scans after you have already constructed the volume and performed the initial scans. You can be anywhere on the Planet or even the Universe and just think of your point of origin, you will be instantly connected with your volume.

From my personal experience it is possible to construct an etheric volume remotely, however you will need to construct a few etheric volumes initially by being physically present at the anchor points in order to gain enough experience to then remotely construct etheric volumes.

In subsequent scans you are looking for problems, or things that want help. Mentally “ask” the volume what you can do to help. When nurturing your volume you should consider yourself a steward, and not a controller. You are there in symbiosis; to help the volume and its inhabitants and it is there to help you. As you continue to interact with the volume it actually gets stronger and the programming becomes more reinforced.

It is recommended to first scan the volume in physical mode meaning the physical terrain, sky and underground. If you are alerted to a trouble spot, mentally switch to etheric mode and ask “What does this energy look like?” The energy will appear differently from its physical aspects. Then you can direct the right type of energy to this area for healing. How can we help them, you may ask?

Helping Out

You may get messages from your volume even when you are not around it or consciously interacting. Suddenly you could get an alert and realize these feelings are coming from one or more of the volumes of which you are in charge. When you then consciously connect with the volume and ask “What’s wrong?” you will get more information and be able to direct healing efforts to help correct any unbalances within your volume.

Directing Energy

There are several special methods which can be incorporated within your etheric volume once you have completed the four phases described above, and more methods are being constantly discovered. As you experiment with your etheric volume you will learn to build upon and/or alter it for your own solutions. Here are just some of the special methods which can be employed.

* Cloud Energy

It is possible to direct energy from healthy natural clouds to trouble spots within etheric volumes. This is done with the assistance of the Sylphs.

* Sylph Elemental Energy

These gorgeous air elementals are always around in the skies but not always visible unless they want to be seen. They respond instantly to intentions directed towards them of unconditional love and move in to assist with chemtrail transmutation upon request. Once you have an etheric volume in full operation they can also assist with healing troubled spots within your volume.

* Orgone Energy Devices

A great way to help your volume with troubled spots is after identifying the physical location, go there physically and bury some orgone energy devices, aka “orgonite”.

* Etheric Energy Balls

Of course when chemtrailing planes fly through your etheric volume the chemtrails themselves are transmuted within the volume, but what if there was a way to discourage the planes from entering your volume to begin with? Creating and deploying etheric energy balls does just that. This is a creative process and there is no right or wrong way, and your way may work better for you. However, I will describe the process which I use to get you started.

The Energy Fountain

First you will need a reservoir which contains the energy balls which you will create. I call it an “Energy Fountain”. Imagine an etheric fountain which is empty and ready to accept your energy balls. The fountain is always visualized to be located at your point of origin.

Energy Balls Creation Process

This is done in several steps.

Step 1: From the “heart center” (not the physical heart, but the energy heart aka the heart chakra) intend to direct positive healing energy into your hands and form a “kernel” about the size of a golf ball but made of pure gold. This is the “core” of the energy ball. This is done by positioning your hands together in front of you as if you were holding a physical ball.

Step 2: Next intend more of the same gold energy to flow in through your heart center and surround the kernel, and with your physical hands compress that energy down to the size of a baseball.

Step 3: Then bring energy which vibrates at the frequency of the color violet (not purple) as a form of protection and compress that energy down around the kernel/baseball as an inch-thick coating.

Step 4: Using the same process bring and compress the frequency of the color silver as a coating over the violet energy. Mentally call upon the crystal content of the Earth below you to assist in the process to amplify the protective qualities of the silver coating.

Now you can mentally place this completed energy ball into the “fountain”.

Continue to make energy balls following this same procedure and place them in the fountain. Eventually it becomes a streaming-type operation, faster and faster, just keep filling up your fountain. Once you have the creation process streamlined and moving you will find that you can create thousands of these energy balls in just minutes. You can see them in your mind just piling up so your fountain must be of an appropriate size.

Energy Balls Programming

The suggested basic program which I use at the time of energy ball creation is, “Wherever I send you, when you detonate you will fill the surrounding area with the frequency of unconditional love, the vibrations of peace and awakening from any and all mind control programs.”

Energy Balls Deployment

Your next step is to direct the programmed energy balls toward any airplanes and their crew members who are spraying chemtrails. Intend that 3-4 of the balls (or any number you feel comfortable with) will instantly be directed from your energy fountain into the crew members and then detonated. Your mindset here is to help these misguided people, not to harm them in any way. It is the love energy we are projecting with energy balls. The results may not be pleasant for the crew but it can be beneficial if they are awakened and learn to operate from their heart centers. For example, when someone detoxes their bodies they go through a very uncomfortable period but eventually it is to their benefit. These intentions worked well for me when I first did it and actually began to keep the planes from even entering my etheric volume.

What happened next was that the pilots would continue their chemtrailing operations outside of my volume and send the chemtrails drifting into my volume. Of course the chemtrails are transmuted but I wanted to keep them out and away from my etheric volume altogether. All it takes is a new program for the energy balls.

I assigned a batch of a thousand energy balls for a specific task with the following program, “Any planes/crews who are attempting to drift chemtrails into my etheric volume will be instantly met with 10 energy balls each, even though they are outside of my volume, and then detonated. Those energy balls are to seek out the ‘chain of command’ and 10 more energy balls are to be sent to whomever commanded the pilots/crews to commit their crimes and detonate in their superiors, and all the way up to the ‘strongman’.” The planes then stayed waaay out.

Sylphs And Energy Balls

Something that I noticed after filling up my energy ball fountains was that the Sylphs (air elementals) would hang out in my etheric volume, big time! And they were beautiful, absolutely gorgeous! But they were taking energy balls from my fountain. At first I thought, cool..I’ll just make more, but then my reserves were quickly depleted and they were not leaving enough to combat the planes and their crews and chain of command. So I programmed my energy fountain to allow the various elementals to continue taking the energy balls but included a condition:

Any and all beneficial healing entities within my volume, you can use my energy balls but please leave a thousand in reserve as those are for my ‘auto-deploy’ against the chemtrailers. If there are less than a thousand, please do not take any.”

If this is not made clear in your programming, the elementals will take ALL of your ammo and may or may not use them within your volume.

Energy Balls Reserve Detection

Although I have not yet tried creating the energy balls remotely (I have always been at the anchor point when doing this) I imagine that it can be done remotely. However, no matter where I am (near or far from my volumes) I can always tell how much “ammo” I have left available.

Protecting Energy Balls

The silver coating is used to ensure that only benevolent beings use your energy balls, so that low-energy beings can not come into your fountain and take or destroy the energy balls. Remember to mentally call upon the crystal content of the Earth when creating the silver coating as further enhancement.

Helpful Hints:

Use your heart and not your brain and etheric exercises like this become much easier. This is not a belief system of 3D duality. Just know in your heart that you are doing the right thing, and you will be guided, this will work for you.

Check on your fountain daily if possible and ensure that your stock of energy balls does not get depleted.

It has been discovered that in an area of high human density it takes a lot of effort to create and maintain larger etheric volumes. But with efforts you can start small and build from there, especially with Secondaries helping out.

When “scanning”, if you don’t see or sense anything you are still getting input on an unconscious level and that is the information you will be working with. You can not mess this up, don’t worry. Some people are visual, some get data emotionally, or a myriad of other ways. Just do it, and it will happen.

It has been discovered that by envisioning two chemical tanks inside the aircraft as containing one pink substance and one blue substance, the combination completely dissipates the entire chemtrail. By changing the energy in the tanks it will come out as you want it, transmuted into harmless substances.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you and assist in any way we can:


Fred & Christie Gunn

Orgone Shamans

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