About Us

Orgone Shamans is the team of Fred, Christie & Dillon Gunn. When I first met Christie I made an astounding discovery, that she had the natural ability to “see” the electromagnetic spectrum (aka the Aura) which surrounds all living things. Most amazingly she thought that everyone could do this, that she was not that special, but I assured her that she definitely is because I had to attend a 2 day seminar just to learn the basics of how to sense the Aura. I was already a martial artist since 12 years old and was continuing my studies in Wing Chun Gung Fu and Mui Thai Kickboxing in Hong Kong when we met. I was also well versed in meditation and Hatha Yoga, including Chi Gung and Thai Chi Chuan which I studied in Taipei, Taiwan. We fell in love, got married and soon were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Dillon Gunn, while living in Hawaii. In those days I was studying and practicing Remote Viewing over a period of four years until we moved to San Diego, California where I continued my Remote Viewing and also Remote Healing practices with a wonderful human being named Prudence Calabrese. In 2004 while in San Diego, Christie and I learned about Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of how to concentrate and focus what he termed “orgone energy” to help others to heal themselves. By combining our knowledge of crystal healing energy with Dr. Reich’s research we have been on a non-stop quest since then to provide the world with the highest quality and most effective “Orgone/Crystal Fusion” products. In 2008 we felt a calling to move to the Philippines, my wife’s home country, where we are still residing until now..learning and sharing knowledge.

Peace & Love,

Fred, Christie & Dillon Gunn